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Five reasons Why I Buy (and support) Nigerian Brands

If you don't already know, I'm a Nigerian - American based in the USA, and I buy and support #MadeInNigeria brands. 

Below are 5 reasons why I buy and support #MadeInNigeria Brands and why I think you should too!

1. It's a good thing to do - Are you a Nigerian based outside of Nigeria and considered buying #MadeInNigeria brands? We Buy Made in (fill in the blank brand here), so why not Nigeria? If you have ancestry/roots from Nigeria (even if you don't), it's a good thing to do because you're  supporting and encouraging people from where you are from.

2. I'm supporting a small business owner - regardless of where they are located, supporting a small business owner is a great thing to do. 

3. Nigerian Fashion is on POINT - Take a look at my Instagram page to see some of the fab designs that come out of Nigeria. I strongly believe that the Nigerian fashion industry can be a major sector that produces revenue from outside of the country.

4. I'm empowering a young man or woman to follow their dreams - similar to supporting a small business, by #buyingNigerian, I'm supporting a Nigerian man or woman in their business endeavors and that gives me a sense a fulfillment.

5. Nigeria is the next the next big thing - we've all read and seen or heard about how much potential there is in Africa.Though Nigeria is experiencing tough times now, it wont last forever. Things will get better.

Nigeria is blessed with talented individuals  and supporting fashion designers is one way that we, Nigerians in diaspora, can help make Nigeria become a producer nation.

Today, I encourage you to #BuyNigerian and support the great work that Nigerian designers are doing!

Visit the Ankara Luv website for #MadeInNigeria brands available in the USA.



Written by Ayo D